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I've been down often enough, I know how to stand up again.


Lost (Chrystal Akasha)

Another night passed
Another night I spent partying
It feels as if life lost its destination
and without orientation
I stumble through the streets

Alcohol and drugs
The only company I can bear
Even in the crowded bar
I feel alone
Like a fallen star

I don't remember
How my life turned like this
It's like a marsh
With a ground I can't see
And no one to pull me out of this sh*t

Between life and death

Between life and death (Chrystal Akasha)

When darkness surrounded me
I heard your voice next to me
There was light at the end of the path
Drawing me towards the door
And I heard the voice of the choir
Of angels calling me

It was the border between life and death
Hell and paradise in just one breath
But I only wanted to go back
I said my time is not over yet
But you just smiled sadly and I asked why
And without a reason I started to cry

I refused to cross the border
Begging for another chance
When I was tired I asked
What’s awaiting me on the other side?
But you didn’t have an answer

Now I knew there was no going back
I took a step and was back on track
Shaking off all my fears and worries
I stood in the light, listening to their stories
And slowly the light carried me away

Aug. 1st, 2011

Hey girl, what are you still waiting for?
He keeps coming back, crawling on the floor
Yesterday you were all lovey dovey
smiling bright, he's Mr. Right
Today he can't distinguish black from white
What are you wasting your time on this guy
You can move on, you just have to try

No one knows how the future goes
but here I see no future, only "NOs!"
He tells you you are always in his heart
too bad that it's bottomless, so be smart
There is no need to hurt yourself
You can find a better one, someone else
Don't fool yourself that he will change
For your sake end it before it's too late

By your side

By your side (Chrystal Akasha)

Even in times when you feel lonely
I'm always by your side
shedding tears with you when you cry
smiling together with you when you laugh
You won't see me next to you
but don't forget
I'm always by your side

I feel helpless
while watching you being hurt
I hate myself for not being able
to hold you in my arms
and to tell you
"Everything will be okay"
I only can stand by your side
watching you in your sleep
I'm always by your side

Don't cry

Don't cry (Chrystal Akasha)

I'm running out of time
Every second that goes by
is a second less by your side
I said don't cry
when you were sobbing at night
believing that I won't notice
but no sound left my lips

I'm sorry
I can't take you in my arms
So much left I want to tell you
Promise me that you will smile
no matter what happens
Don't be afraid
I will watch over you
in heaven.

Re: Question

If you were given the opportunity to spend two weeks in any country in the world free of charge, which country would you choose, and why?

 Definitely Japan! I would love to spend some time there though I have to admit that two weeks would be way too short for me :D
I want to visit Tokyo and want to go to some concerts of my favourite bands :)

I was a fool

I was a fool (Chrystal Akasha)


Maybe nothing would have happened

If we didn’t meet that night

But everything in that second

Didn’t matter if wrong or right


It was love on the first sight

Something I never believed in

Everything seemed so bright

And the light refracts in the ring


And you say you love me

And kiss me

We will live our dreams at night

You say I’m the only one

And there is no one else

And we laughed together

I thought we’ll stay forever


Maybe nothing would have happened

If I didn’t see you that night

Everything broke in that second

I didn’t know what was wrong or right


You held her in your arms

And gently smiled at her

You captivated me with charms

And I knew I lost to her


And you say you love her

And kiss her

I was just a play for you

I was a fool to

Fall for you

There is no forever

Last snow

Last Snow (Chrystal Akasha)


A cloudless, blue sky

A gentle breeze

The city is asleep

You walked through the snow

Left footsteps in my heart

Teardrops in my eyes


Go through the last snow

The white and pure snow

Being ignorant

That every step hurts

Last snow

Hurts once again


You walked through the snow

Left footsteps in my heart

Teardrops in my eyes


You never care

About other one`s feelings

Now even I understood

What last snow means


Go through the last snow

The white and pure snow

Beeing ignorant

That every step hurts

Last snow

Hurts once again


Distance (Chrystal Akasha)

The path in front of me

How long will it take

There’s no light I can see

Maybe it’s only a mistake


It seems as if I could

Reach you with my hands

But I misunderstood

The distance is called friends


It hurts to know

That love never existed

Between us

The path I choose

I will never reach the end


I confused reality and imagination

You were only a station

I passed by in my life

Reality cuts through like a knife


Laughing Tat-Chan

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